Our Courses
1 Year Top-up
Faye Holdstock- Fame Jump

Our one year top up course involves all the core subjects our three year course provides and is purely vocational. Students receive an equal amount of dance, acting and vocal technique. This is to link with the current market and industry standards. We aim to make all of our students triple threat performers. 

Working alongside our 3rd years, you have the same opportunities: 2 London Showcases with an industry invited audience and working with faculty members to get you ready for graduation and making sure you have all the tools in place to have a very successful career. 

Course Fees

£9,900 for the academic year

Fees are due 21 days before the academic term starts. ROM is a privately funded college and this fee does not include examinations, uniform, travel and theatre trips.

A £1000 associate fee is also payable yearly, 21 days before the academic year starts.

Entry Requirements

Our one year top up course is for students that have already undertaken a 3 year Musical Theatre Course and feel they need that extra year to be industry ready.