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Diploma Course
ROM Students performing to Half a Sixpence The Musical

The first year at ROM is an introduction to core subjects by providing a thorough grounding in technique. You start to strengthen your core skills whilst preparing for the profession. 

The first year aims to set you up with a professional practice and strength to become a performer, a great foundation for the next two years. 

As well as working towards a book musical at the end of each year, students will create a Musical Theatre in Education piece to perform in local schools.

Students will be assessed in all practical and theoretical classes, before moving on to their second year. You are also able to take your New Era Drama examinations and ISTD examinations.

The second year of the course aims to build on your core subjects and broaden your technique. This is building on the foundation you were taught in your first year. 

The second year will give you the chance to join our in-house agency and work professionally.

The Year 2 project will be a specifically devised piece that will work with new writers in Musical Theatre and be performed either on site or a site specific piece. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a book musical.

By the end of your second year, we aim to make sure you have a good knowledge and understanding of the industry you are exerting, feeling prepared for your final year.

The main focus of the third year is to ensure you are fully ready for the profession. 

You will participate in three shows including your graduation showcase, a central London theatre, or live streamed in front of an industry professional audience. 

One of the primary aims of our course is for you to secure an agent and get you in front of as many creatives as possible. Your graduation showcase is crucial to this.

We encourage you to go to auditions to help gain experience and mix with other professionals outside of ROM. 

In addition to leading the book musical, the third years will work with a creative team to generate a filmed Musical Theatre work. We can also offer working towards your DDE/DDI I.S.T.D or the NEA Diploma to gain more qualifications

Course Fees

£29,700 (£9,900 per academic year)*

A £1000 associate fee is also payable yearly, 21 days before the academic year starts.

Entry Requirements

Entrance to the course is by audition only

Requirements for audition:

  • A group dance piece

Please also prepare the following:

  • One vocal piece (musical theatre)
  • One monologue (of your own choice)