RTA Kids- Tap Dancer

At RTA Kids, we provide a range of examination classes that allow young performers to excel in their artistic journey. Our offerings include ISTD Tap, Ballet, and Modern exams, as well as drama exams through New Era.

We believe that participating in exams is an invaluable experience for young performers. Not only does it provide them with the opportunity to gain practical experience, but it also helps them expand their technique within a structured environment. These exams serve as milestones in their artistic development, encouraging growth and confidence.

ISTD classes are held throughout the academic year, specifically on Monday evenings, ensuring a consistent learning schedule. On the other hand, private New Era exam classes are conducted between October and November, as well as January and March. The specific days for these classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, allowing flexibility to accommodate different availabilities.

Join RTA Kids and embark on a journey of artistic growth, skill development, and personal achievement through our comprehensive examination classes. Our expert instructors and supportive environment will guide you toward excellence in your chosen discipline.